Socialist Doctors is an organization from Sweden that has existed in numerous forms since it was first established in 1920. The organization was reestablished in it’s current form in the fall of 2010 in response to increasing privatisations and cutbacks in the swedish healthcare sector as a part of the global neoliberal experiment.

We bring doctors together that call themselves socialist, feminist, anti-racist and LGBT rights activists. We oppose all forms of structural oppression. Our definition of socialism is broad. Our members belong to the parliamentary as well as the extra parliamentary left in addition to unpoliticized individuals who share our values and want to fight for an equal healthcare system. We mainly work with questions regarding health policy and other factors that affect the health. Since we aspire to improve public health and because phenomenons such as racism, sexism, homophobia and economical inequality all have detrimental effects on public health the political struggle thus takes on many faces.

Our political activity mainly emanates from our local associations currently based in Umeå, Uppsala, Stockholm, Linköping, Gothenburg and Malmö/Lund. Our goal is to increase public awareness about health policy related questions and influence it. Our local associations regularly organize study circles and lectures. We take part in grassroot movements where they exist and participate in the medial debate. Because of our role as healthcare professionals and our broad political diversity we have been able to successfully start numerous grassroot movements.

Our standpoint is that healthcare should be under the governance of the people and it’s availability be driven by demand. We are therefore opponents to private healthcare in all it’s forms, to market driven systems in state run health institutions and private health insurance. We are also against the increasing patient dues which have only shown to decrease availability for the working class and the poor.

Healthcare is an environment full of hierarchies. We believe hierarchies to be negative for patients as well as healthcare workers. We criticize the enormous gaps in income between doctors and other, often female dominated health care professions. We actively support nurses, assistant nurses and paramedics in their fight for higher wages.

However, the biggest gaps in health are found between high and low-income countries. Socialist Doctors therefore actively seeks to cooperate with people or organizations across the globe who work to eliminate global injustices in regards to health. Socialist doctors currently cooperate with organizations in Greece and Argentina. If you or your organization is interested in doing something with us don’t hesitate to send an email to: info@socialistiskalakare.se
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